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Beaver Builder VS ElementorBeaver Builder VS Elementor who knows which one is the best. We know and show you a real comparison. By the way, what is a website builder? It is one of the tools that allows you to make your website more visible, attractive, and competitive in the market. This is the reason many users are switching to one so quickly. So here’s a comparison between Elementor Pro and Beaver Builder, two of the best website page builders out there.


Features of Elementor Pro

Features of Elementor Pro

Easy to use theme builder.

Elementor Pro has a theme builder that lets you customize every part of your themes. Plus, you can create single posts, archive pages and headers, and footers with the utmost ease.

Attractive pop-up builder.
This fun Elementor Pro feature allows you to create different types of popups. To name a few, it allows you to create pop-ups like pop-ups, slides, bottom panels, full-screen welcome rugs, and more.
Create a direction with the Form Builder.

Using this one-of-a-kind feature, you can easily create all types of forms – from a relatively complex form that includes dynamic data to simple contact forms.

Links to actions to increase conversions.

With this Elementor Pro feature, you can easily access a wide range of options that help you communicate with your website visitors via your mobile device.

The conversion rate goes up with Elementor.

It has more than just a page builder. With Elementor, you get tons of other marketing tools as well as traffic and lead generation tools. So it really works best if you make the most of Elementor pro.

Elementor Pro

Features of Beaver Builder

Support shortcode for beginners.

Beaver Builder includes support for shortcodes that allow users to perform various functions in areas that they usually cannot.

All this is under the control of the user.

This Beaver Builder feature allows users to set limits on what other users can access and change.

Fully customizable modules.

With this function, users can create their own modules with detailed settings.

Custom JavaScript to create the website you’ve always wanted.

This Beaver Builder feature makes it extremely easy to add custom JavaScript. You can add JavaScript to a single page or to an entire site, whatever the user wants.

Everything for everyone.

Beaver Builder isn’t just an SEO-optimized tool, it has so much more. There is a marketing tool and responsive design to maximize your productivity. Plus, whether you are a freelancer, agency, or businessman, this suits everyone.

Beaver Builder


More about Elementos Pro

Elementor Pro vs Beaver Builder Elementor Pro is a really good WordPress website builder platform for professionals available in the market. They boast that every 10 seconds they create a new website on their platform. Their server network specialists also include designers, developers, and marketers.

Talk about their popularity? They are known in over 180 countries and have over 5.00,000 active installations.


More about Beaver Builder

Elementor Pro vs Beaver Builder Beaver Builder is undoubtedly one of the best WordPress page builder plugins available on the market. It helps its users create outstanding websites without having to write any codes. Therefore, this makes the process extremely easy.

Beaver Builder’s goal is to promote smart work, not work harder. Beaver Builder also provides a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Elementor Pro Monthly Pricing

Elementor Pro Monthly Pricing

Elementor Pro vs Beaver Builder Yes, there is a free version, but it is aimed at people with lightweight websites. So, if yours is heavy or you want to work with multiple, we recommend the premium plan. However, if you are looking forward to the update, there are 5 options to choose from.

  1. Essential (1 professional website) – $ 49 per year
  2. Advanced (3 professional sites) – $ 99 per year
  3. Expert (25 professional sites) – $ 199 per year
  4. studio (100 professional sites) – $ 499 per year
  5. agency (1000 professional sites) – $ 999 per year


Beaver Builder Monthly Pricing

Elementor Pro vs Beaver Builder offers users three types of premium plans to choose from. However, they don’t offer a lifetime plan option. Three premium plan offers:

  1. Standard (unlimited sites) – $ 99 per year
  2. Pro (unlimited sites) – $ 199 per year
  3. Agency (Unlimited Sites) – $ 399 per year


Elementor Pro support

Elementor Pro support offers its users 24/7 support. For best results, it offers detailed answers to frequently asked questions. In addition, they provide video tutorials that users can watch for better understanding as well as learning new skills. They also have detailed documents to help users answer their questions and propose solutions to their problems.


Beaver builder support

Beaver Builder offers an ongoing customer support system. Anyone with a complaint or problem setting up a website can literally clarify their questions. They also provide a detailed series of frequently asked questions to assist with problem-solving. You can raise the application for whatever you need. In addition, they have blogs, resources, and documents to help you find answers.

Who wins Beaver Builder VS Elementor?

Elementor Pro vs Beaver Builder is a tough competition. We see that both are quite competitive and realistic alternatives to each other. But which one is the best? it all depends on your requirements and the range that you are willing to spend. So, there is no clear winner, because both are better.

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